"No Human, No Humanity!"
- Elon Musk

"The birth rate is dropping,
which leads to a civilization that dies not with a bang,
but with a whimper in adult diapers.
One of the things that is overlooked by
most historians is the role of low birth rate
in the decline of civilizations.
Prosperity destroys the birth rate."

- Elon Musk


Birthcoin is the community coin supporting Elon Musk. We believe the fact that our prosperity decreases the Birth rate, but what we are looking at is the infinite possibility of the future humanity. Join us, flourish the project, creat the true future.


- 0% Buy Tax & 0% Sell Tax
- Lock & Renounce
- 69B Token Supply

Bonus Rewards !

Every week, we will airdrop bonus token to top 10 holders with children, and the bonus amount will be proportion to number of children the holder has.


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